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The Ninja Warrior Experience, My Saga Begins – Part 2

It has been an unbelieveable aftermath to my appearance on ANW6.  People from all over the country have contacted me, shared their similar stories and shown support for me. I’ve smiled, laughed, and shed tears. But above all else, made new friends and contacts. The support I’ve received has made me even more determined to continue training even harder and spreading the word of Organ Donation.

Oddly enough, a few people have approached me, wanting to show their support of me with a t-shirt.  I thought this was so cool, and I’m going to do whatever I can to make this happen.  If you’re interested in one as well, subscribe to my blog or check back soon for updates!

But If you haven’t watched the Miami Qualifying round of American Ninja Warrior 6 yet, there is a video at bottom of page..


The quintuple steps felt good, but I can see how people can easily mess up on the obstacle.  With each person who falls, water splashes on the obstacle making it even more tricky.

Same with the second obstacle, nothing too difficult but leaping to a small rope can be easily miscalculated.

I feared the balance stones all night long.  With balance being my weakest area of the sport, I knew I had to get through them quickly.  So I tested out the first stone and then went for it.  Honestly it was a blur and I don’t really remember much of that one.  Was just thankful to get through it.

The cargo net was next, and will really tax your forearms if you’re lacking in grip strength.  I was glad I got a good jump off the trampoline.  I tried to descend the net like a ladder, placing my feet on the rungs of the rope.  But this caused my feet to slip off, so I reverted to putting my ankles on top of the rungs.  You’ve really got to be careful at the bottom because it is so close to the water.

This brought me to the curtain slider where I fell.  I made a rookie mistake, and it has haunted me ever since.  Instead of grabbing the curtain at chest height and taking 3-4 steps back, for some reason I can’t explain, I reached as high as I could on the curtain and took one step back before leaving the platform.  This didn’t give me enough momentum to reach the second curtain and I was inches short.

The curtain is really like a vacuum when you are suspended from it.  There was really nothing I could do to get the momentum back to reach the next curtain.  Although, in hindsight there are a few things I wish I would have tried.

I was making good time up to that point.  I was even on pace to have the second or third fastest time of the night, if I could have cleared the warped wall in one attempt.  That’s all relative though, and the fact is I failed.

Failure doesn’t define me, how I respond to failure will define me.

But failure doesn’t define me, how I respond to failure will define me.  I am going to work extremely hard to conquer the course next year and cannot wait for my opportunity to do so!  A huge thank you to everyone who has reached out to me with support!  I will use it to succeed!

Clinton Taylor, American Ninja Warrior ~ Miami… by HumanSlinky