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The Ninja Warrior Experience, My Saga Begins – part 1

The colorful flashing lights let me know I was on the scene of American Ninja Warrior.

They cut through the city darkness like lightsabers, creating a spectacle even a Jedi would approve of.  Which made the seemingly endless wait bearable.  Along with the nice cozy spot on the grass, under a tree where I lay nervously.  The park in downtown Miami had quite comfortable grass.  No….not really.  It was grass…

My stomach churned butterflies as 4 am approached.  It was almost go time.

Yes, I said 4 am!  My mental toughness was being put to the test.  Nerves and muscles were on edge.  Being confined in a small holding area for 6 hours not sure when the moment would come.

But it did.  A moment I thought would only be seen in my mind’s eye.  Yet years of dreaming were about to crash head first with reality.

The head on collision left a train wreck of emotions, which was now the present.

clinton-taylor-anw-6-miami-2014My shaky legs carried me up the short staircase to the starting platform.  I felt like I was going to grow wings and fly.  Or adapt as the ostrich and bury my head into the ground.

I wasn’t sure which. I guess that’s what it feels like when you’re living a dream.

Soaring on a cloud but scared of what may fall.

I tried to stay focused, tuning out the crowd and flashing lights, only allowing one thought – My feet dashing over the first obstacle before me – the quintuple steps.

Anticipation lifted with the roar of the crowd, the lights shined brighter, my emotions bouncing, vision tunneled.





So began my course run on American Ninja Warrior 6.  I cannot reveal the results of my performance until after it airs on TV.

But I had an amazing time and so much fun on the course.  I think a smile bled through my focused face while on the course a few times.  Such a surreal event in my life.

Also the producers had me do an interview, action shots, and hero shots.  Basically the competitor profile they feature on the show.   Not bad for my rookie year.

I wore green on the course, as seen in the picture.  This was  in memory of my sister.   Green is the color of the organ donation ribbon.  You can read more about our donation story here.  She is my biggest inspiration for competing on the show.

Which premieres Monday, May 26 (9-11 p.m.) – with a special one hour “countdown” show at 8 p.m. that night.

I competed in the Miami regional which will air June 23rd at 9 pm.  There is no guarantee my course run will air.  But there should be a good chance since I did the competitor profile with the producers.  Guess we’ll watch in hopeful anticipation!

I’ll follow-up with my experience on the course after the show airs.  In the meantime, click the banner below and follow me on twitter.  Or subscribe to this blog at the top of page.

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